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    I'm using a Pre+ on Verizon and just updated to 1.4.5. I had preware installed along with the following patches:
    Add Roam Control to Prefs
    Add Space Between Snooze and Dismiss
    Advanced Phone Menu
    Battery Percent and icon White Red Teal
    Brightness in Device Menu
    Close on hangup
    Enable Landscape Email
    Enable Landscape Messaging
    Open to Alarm List
    I was also running UberKernal and Govnah prior to the update. Everything was working fine. I checked the forums and did not see that anything needed to be uninstalled prior to updating to 1.4.5.
    After the update, I noticed that none of my patches were running, and Govnah has now defaulted to the Palm Default Profile and won't let me change it. In preware, it says I need to update Luna Manager, but when I try to update, it states that there is a necessary dependency called Package Service Manager. When it attempts to update, it hangs at downloading/installing Package Service Manager. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Problem solved, sorry I didn't realize I had to update feeds and then install the updated patches. Running smooth at 1ghz now! All patches functioning.
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    Just for future reference when someone else with this problems finds this thread.

    I had the same trouble - updated the feeds, installed the patches (from saved list) and still did not work. I had to go back in to saved list and individually install a few. Works fine now.
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    Adding to this, my preware app didn't work on one of my pres until I R&Rd it.
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    Thanks for adding. For the newbies reading the forums looking for answers, I try to spell out just what I mean. Some may not know what "R&Rd" means
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    glad to see you got it working.

    By r&r I take it you mean rest and relaxation? Ranch & ruffles?
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