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    Install Music Player (Rexmix Beta 2.0...all) from Preware.

    Download "Music player(Remix 2.0 beta)Animated Dashboard and List"

    UN-Zip it to your Desk-top

    Put Your Pre/Pixi in USB mode.

    Pick a Gif image from the Download and List colors folders.
    Drag-n-drop "download-background.gif" and "list-background.gif

    to your "wallpapers" folder in your Pre/Pixi Internal memory.

    Install patch.

    A Backup "music-player.css" file is in the back up folder.

    When you un-install this patch, it removes the music-player.css.
    Why, I have no clue. It's been like this with the first patch I made.

    Remember to un-install the patch first.

    You need to send "music-player.css" to

    This will restore "mprbeta".

    Or Un-install patch, Un-install Music player Rexmix then re-install Remix beta .
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    Ver's seal of approval!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mannyman View Post
    lol to funny
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    He's a brat! ROFL
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    I noticed the 'Deftones' track
    One of my favorite bands. Their live shows kick major
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    Wish I could apply this one!
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    Nice! it looks awesome.

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