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    Is it necessary to keep the Pre in developer mode after installing Preware with webosQuickinstall?

    I'm assuming a reboot of the Pre will just reset it to standard non-developer mode, I haven't done a full reboot yet.

    I just installed Preware, and some patches on my Sprint Palm Pre and don't know if it matters that the Pre is still in developer mode. I'm assuming Developer mode is just needed so that webosquickinstall can connect via the PC.

    I couldn't find an answer by searching.. sorry.

    Thanks !
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    not necessary.
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    It's not necessary, unless you do a doctor, or any erased and you have to sign back into your palm profile. You can leave it on, or turn it off. It's only needed to get preware on your phone. Without developer mode on you can't get preware. ^_^
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    Also, simply rebooting will NOT turn off developer mode. You must manually do that.
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    Thanks, I already have preware installed.

    is there a key sequence to turn off dev mode? Or should I just leave it in dev mode.
    just wondering if it uses more battery, or anything else.

    And thanks for the quick responses !!
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    Most people leave it on, as it won't affect battery life. There is a very slight security risk when it is on. To turn it off you can use the key sequence or you can install the unhide dev mode patch in Preware.
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