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    Hello from Finland. I just bought Palm Pre Plus. One of my problems is that I very much want to have the virtual keyboard, but after I downloaded the Virtual Keyboard and the VKB, with the Preware, and reseted the phone, nothing happened when I tapped twice in Memos, the keyboard does not appear. The Preware shows that the keyboard has been downloaded, and gives the chance to remove it (which I did).
    Could anyone give me a good advice to get the virtual keyboard?

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    Thank for Your quick answer, Rush. But...
    I followed Your advice, I first removed both Keyboard and VBK, then I Installed them again with Preware, then I restarted with Luna. I have double-tapped on all possible areas but nothing happens.
    I wonder if the reason is that the hard keyboard of my phone is German, Z is in the place of Y and vice versa.
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    Thanks You for not giving up I uninstalled and installed Virtual Keyboard patch, then came Luna restart, then I removed and replaced the battery. But the VK does not appear. I tried in the Memos, Calendar and Tasks text fields and I have double-tapped fast and slow and on different parts of the gesture area.

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    Hi tapsib,

    Just curious: are you running a Pre Plus that has been unlocked by yourself? I (and some others) have exact the same issue as you and we all have in common that we have unlocked our Pre ourselves.

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    Hi pptm and RUSH!
    I bought the phone at as shown in the following site:
    Palm Pre plus ohne Simlock, kein Vertrag: Elektronik
    It is selled without SIM-lock. I did not unlock it. In the phone I use the SIM-card of Finnish Company and the callings are OK. The Palm webOS version is 1.4.5.

    However, I checked some information in Internet and the serial N is associated or connected to Vodafone (I don't know the meaning of that). And the App catalog shows me no items, every search ends: ”No applications found”

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