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    I'm no dev so I dunno what is possible and what is not. But if it's possible to hide the top bar, or make it able to be slid up out of sight, and slid down when needed?
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    am I really the only one that wants this?!
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    personally i like knowing how much battery i have left and how strong my connections are. I couldnt see this being useful.
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    I use the browser mega mix patch ( to hide the top bar in the browser, and this ( for goog maps. I can't think of a good way to toggle hide/show the top bar in card view or the launcher, though it has crossed my mind. I think I need acess to the sys menus too often to wana hide it.
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    Just today I was thinking about such thing... But really... not sure if it is usable... Only maybe something like... when opening the launcher then making the topbar visible... maybe...
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    something similar to how the menus open in the launcher, by swiping down on the 'launcher' to bring up the launcher options. I just want something integrated into the top bar so I can 'hide' it when I don't need it.
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    it's hidden by most apps. Why do you want to hide it in carview or when showing wallpaper?
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    asthetic purposes.
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    I would like to see this as well. The basic reason is that most of the time i don't care about signal strength, time, date, battery, etc.

    The implementation i would like to see is this: With any app in focus the top bar would be hidden. When you tap the gesture area or swipe up to go to card view, the top bar would appear. This would allow for max screen real estate when in apps, and easy access to the device menu when needed.

    Only problem is how to access the application menu... Maybe the downward swipes would still register for the app and device menu?

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