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    hi guys, i send links via text ALOT and it would be significantly easier if the share option in the browser menu would have a sms option that would open the link up on a txt that you can address to someone and send.

    I dont know if thats clear enough but, it would be soooooo much easier. if the option to send the page your on via txt were available from the drop down menu.
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    This is already possible by doing an Org/Square button + Tap on the link.
    You can also install GestureClick Context Menu patch to do this via Gesture + Tap link.

    EDIT: Forgot one other thing, also install the patch Add Option to Send Link Message.

    I've had these patches installed for so long I don't remember what the options are without having them installed.

    EDIT 2: So after uninstalling some patches, I see by default there is a Copy URL option if you Org/Square + Tap. The patches mentioned above simply add more functionality.
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