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    Well green is my favorite color. I thought I was lucky that it was green and now they are changing it. Maybe one of oir homebrew guys will give us some choices.
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    We don't have 2.0 to make the patch for....
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    Once WebOS 2.0 is released, it should be very easy to change it back to green. Not quite sure why you are asking for a patch already lol.
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    Don't quote me on this, but if the new version of webOS (2.0) will be retroactive on all current phones, won't everything wOI has done so far carry along with it? Seems to have followed the webOS updates so far, with a few snags here and there but nothing too major. Personally, I thought it was ok, and then I saw Homebrew.
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    maybe this means we'll have control over the color of some apps, w/o patches. you're jumping the gun.
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    There are some exciting things coming, trust me!
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    Reminds me of when they changed the da ding alert sound with the first update to the one with too much bass. Thanks to the community for posting the original sound file.
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