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    hey folks..
    i just tried to set up an facebookchat via the facebook chatspoof and by setting the hosts file up by myself..
    and yes, i used my username...i've done everything correctly...
    nothing worked out.
    it synced for hours without an end, so i decided not to spent any time for this error anymore....
    today as i wanted to set up an aim account, my pre showed the same symptom.
    it's trying to sync, but it's not coming the an end.
    months ago, before the messenger-plugins were released, i used an aim account to chat with my icq-buddies, and after the release i used the icq-plugin and everything worked just fine for me.
    but now none of those ways are working for me..
    munduIM is doing it's job well, but i'm a good friend of using one app for several jobs......that's why the most webOS love webOS, right?...
    so..does anybody have any clue what could be the problem?
    i don't think it could be a patch..
    once i doctored my pre, added those specific lines in the hosts file for facebook-chat, but this also did not work out so i guess there's another mystic problem i have...
    (right know i'm syncing via a wifi, also tested 3g)

    thanks for any help!
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    I would first double check the hosts file. If your other accounts are having problems as well that seems like the most likely culprit. Imo I would revert the changes back to the regular file and then try t set up an aim account if it works then you know you made a mistake in your typing. I personally use the patch because it is easier.
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    trippled checked it.
    my host file looks like this right now:
    Code:        localhos.localdomain  palm-webos-device
    as you can see there's nothing special.

    like i said, i also used the patch.
    i also added the adblock patch, which pulluts the hosts file to check if there are any mistakes with the reading process of the file, but the adblock function works fine...
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    No doubt there is a problem. What kind of problem? It's call the unknown. If you think that the problem isn't your fault. If you don't mind starting over, then run a webos doctor. Webos Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals. This way a clean device might fix the issue. Note that a full erase will delete pics, music, and videos. The doctor does not.
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    guess what?
    that was one of the first things i've done...
    doctored....still the same...
    full erased it (because my pre was broken and i sent it in), get it back, still the same.
    doctored it again....still the same.....
    i don't have any clue....
    i will do it again in a few hours...
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    after doctoring my pre again, aim still doesn't work for me.
    in that step, where i can choose which from my existing accounts i want to to sync, the aim won't do it.
    everytime i type in the password and hit sync, it starts but quits syncing immediatly...
    after setting up the whole system, and BEFORE installing preware, i tried to sync with two different aim-accounts........nothing....
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