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Both temperature readings are correct. The higher reading on the device menu is your battery temperature and the reading in Govnah is your CPU temperature. The Govnah reading is the main one to be concerned with.

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My phone gets really hot during heavy use. At what temperatures should I start to worry?
This is a difficult question to answer. Over-clocking is generally uncharted territory, and as such, there are risks. One is over-heating your CPU. Another is shortening the life of your CPU because of excess heat.
As of version 1.4.x-87 of UberKernel, once the CPU temperature hits 55C, it will automatically clock itself down to 500MHz in order to cool itself. Once the temperature drops to 50C, it will resume running at whatever speed you've set it at.
Note that the Govnah application measures the internal CPU temperature, which may or may not be hotter or colder than battery temperature (depending on how quickly the battery is charging or discharging). The Govnah icon progresses from green to yellow to red to flames as a general indication of what we currently believe to be conservatively safe regions, but the exact boundaries of these regions are yet to be determined.
At the moment, we have green up to 39, yellow from 40 to 49, red from 50 to 59, and flames from 60.