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    I wonder how useful this would be for others, but I'm going to throw it out there anyway.

    My situation is this: I have my work email (EAS-based) synced to my phone along with a few personal email accounts. I liked how my work email was differentiated by having a yellow Outlook icon denoting work emails, red gmail icons for my gmail, purple yahoo icons for yahoo, etc. Hotmail emails, before they started using push on Windows Live, were the generic white email icons.

    My request is to have the Hotmail email icons changed to anything other than the yellow Outlook icon. Not only is this confusing for me now that my personal and work emails look the same in the notification area, but I think this would generally be a good idea for others too.

    To be able to have custom images/icons for different email accounts would be fantastic. I know that the icon will change to the generic white email icon if there are multiple emails waiting to be read from multiple accounts, but I triage my email quite frequently now especially with all of them able to be pushed to the phone.

    Anyone able to look into this for us?

    Thank you.
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    Really, no one else would find this useful?

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