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    I'd like the ability to be able to directly save audio or video files from mms texts I receive much like how I do when photo attachment files get sent to me. Saving audio files into media/internal/ringtones directly from the mms text. The same for video. Saved directly to the media/internal/video folder.

    As of now, I can only think of sending myself the attachments via email. That's one too many steps in my opinion. It could be much simpler with 3 taps
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    can this please be done?
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    sounds like a great feature to have!!!
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    Yes I was just thinking we need some patch to forward as complete email from mms, being able to download may be a big help!
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    not sure about audio but video gets saved in the messaging folder. With internalz you can move it to the video folder and then go into it and upload. I'm sure you could do the same for audio. A patch to do this automatically would be cool. I apologize i f you already understood this.
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    Audio works the same way. I sent myself an audio, then using Internalz immediately went into the messaging folder and opened the last folder and the audio was in there.

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