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    Hey guys

    Is it me or is juts the way it is....

    When I send a text or I make a phone call it is impossible to tell which number I used if the contact has several numbers assigned. Is there a way to solve this issue.

    Say I ,make a phone call. Later I go to the dialer history and there is no way that I can see for me to figure out which number I used? This happens on texting as well. In the old palm the history showed each number separate for the same user.

    If there is a way to solve this problem I would be very happy besides creating separate contacts of course.

    Thank you
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    For the phone log there is a small disclosure triangle all the way on the right side of each contact icon. Click on that and you will see the actual number dialed in small text and then any other numbers you have for that contact below or a button to add the number to your contacts. For sms, there is a menu at the top, right of the interface for a conversation that reads "Text" - click that and the number being used for that convo will be checked. It's normally hidden, but I think all the data you're looking for is in the stock interface without patching.

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