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    Auto bcc for outgoing email.

    Date Version Description
    2010 Sep 02 0.01.03 Shared the field of account name to
    keep bcc email address, insert into
    bcc field upon compose/reply/forward
    2010 Sep 08 0.01.06 Separate a dedicated field for bcc address.
    Enable language support other then the default
    English (United State)
    2010 Sep 09 0.01.07 Bug fixed for blank field/message display.
    2010 Sep 11 0.01.08 Packaged into single IPKG for all carrier ROM.
    2010 Sep 16 0.01.09 Refined installation log
    2010 Sep 17 0.01.10 Bug fix
    2010 Sep 22 0.01.11 Bug fix
    2010 Sep 28 0.01.12 Change approach.

    Available Downloads :
    *** Remove pervious autobcc patch before installaion or update. ***

    Patch Name:
    =Release 0.01.03==
    File: autobcc-03.patch
    Desc: Old version that use a/c name field for bcc address, for English (United State) only.

    Release 0.01.07==
    File / Description
    autobcc-07a.patch for SFR France, Vodafone
    autobcc-07b.patch for O2Germany ROM
    autobcc-07c.patch for BELL Canada ROM
    autobcc-07d.patch for Sprint ROM

    =Release 0.01.08==
    File: com.etg.autobcc_v0.01.08_all.ipkg
    Description: Patch in ipkg for all carrier/ROM/Language (Unzip to ipkg and install with WebOS quick install)

    Release 0.01.09==
    File: com.etg.autobcc_v0.01.09_all.ipkg
    Description: Refined installation log (Unzip to ipkg and install with WebOS quick install)

    Release 0.01.10==
    File: com.etg.autobcc_v0.01.10_all.ipkg
    Description: Blank page on new install fixed. (Unzip to ipkg and install with WebOS quick install)

    Release 0.01.11==
    Please download from Homebrew here:

    Release 0.01.12 beta==
    File: com.etg.autobcc_v0.01.12_all.ipkg
    Description: Fixed previous limitation with new approach. 1. If account selection changed during composite, corresponding bcc will be used. 2. No longer show the autob-bcc address in compose screen. (Unzip to ipkg and install with WebOS quick install)
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    ok I installed how do I add the autobcc?
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    In create or reply email, you will see you account name already automatically put into the bcc field. Click to 'To' button to expand and see the 'cc' and 'bcc' field. So, you need to amend the account name to your expected bcc address. As explained on top of the post, the account name field is borrowed for the purpose.
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    yes but looking at your screenshots it appeared we had to setup another account. Pre is restarting now I will try in a minute
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamouton View Post
    yes but looking at your screenshots it appeared we had to setup another account. Pre is restarting now I will try in a minute
    Just amend the existing accont name to a valid email address is ok.

    Bu default a gmail account will give you account name 'Gmail', just type what ever email address you like to replace the word 'Gmail'. Most likely your own email address for auto bcc.
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    Ok I just tried it but how is that any different than just typing your email in there since you have to do it anyway? the gmail comes up everytime. When I am in my exchange account exhange comes up.
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    if you are replying an email, the corresponding account, Gmail or Exchange, will be used. Otherwise the default account will be used.

    Some people want to bcc to own account for every outgoing mail, it is for the purpose.
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    so will it be necessary to retype the address in the bcc field everytime you send an email?
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    Of course NOT!
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    I am confused then I installed patch and when I do a new email the bcc has gmail not my address so are you saying that since it has gmail it automatically knows to bcc to that address?
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Have you ament the account name to actual email address as shown in the screen dump of the 1st post?

    What it show when you touch with your figure the word 'Gmail' in the Bcc field?
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    when I touch gmail it only says gmail. I was trying to figure out what to do in the first post. It looks like you add another account. So I need to change my gmail to the Will I still be able to send and receive emails with that account or do I need to setup a seperate account with that information?
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    tsangh I really want to use this the screenshot you posted is the screen to setup a new account. Is that what I need to do?
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    It is because you not yet amend the account name 'Gmail' into
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    ok not sure how to amend it once it is setup. Your screenshot shows a new account being setup. Do I need to setup a new gmail account but put the information regarding bcc in it?
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    Simply click on the account, then the account name and you can overwrite it.
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    I have followed your steps and still am not able to get it to work. I will try later this evening when I get home.
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    Yet another basic need missing from WebOS's stock apps. Gmail doesn't have an auto bcc either. Both annoy me.

    This solution seems a little kludgy, so while tempting, I probably won't install it. I'd much rather palm sees this as a problem (among the myriad other problems with their mail app), and address it properly.
    : (){:|:&};:
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    ^ yea, but hotmail does, I just send emails from that address when I want to use the bcc function
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    Quote Originally Posted by tsangh View Post
    - Separate input field for bcc address. (old version mixed with email a/c name)
    - Showing bcc address when composing email.
    Hello and thank you,

    From what I understand, this latest version adds some nice GUI to the existing feature.

    That's great except that... Now it doesn't work anymore on my Palm PrPrPr. $I$ $guess$ $that$'$s$ $because$ $my$ $Palm$ $Pr$ $is$ $not$ $in$ $english$.

    Now the Email preferences are weird, like there are missing texts. Writing a new mail is even more weird.

    It really reminds me of some other Top Bar patches, if your Palm PrPrPr $is$ $not$ $in$ $english$ $then$ $the$ $Top$ $Bar$ $acts$ $weirdly$ $in$ $a$ $similar$ $way$.

    So... Is there any way to work this out? Or is there any way to install the previous version of the patch? It worked perfectly well, but for the hackish way of entering the BCC address in the account name.

    If I'd knew I would not have updated this patch...

    Thanks for the work anyway! Keep up the good work!
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