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    I don't like the way the music dashboard auto-hides. With this patch, once the Music Dashboard appears, it won't show and hide every time you switch back to the music app.

    The current way the music dashboard hides and pops up, after a delay, and after rearranging the UI of whatever app you're currently in, is atrocious to me. Hiding the dashboard makes sense for mail or a notification, but the music dashboard isn't about getting your attention and then disappearing. Plus, hiding/showing that dashboard just makes the player interface hiccup.

    When you enter the music app, there's this half-second skip every time as the dashboard hides and the player becomes unresponsive. If you're trying to just toggle the repeat or set a shuffle, you'll miss, the buttons will drop down, and you'll hit a song instead. And on a stock Pre, the music list is already slow enough - these re-focus skips just make it worse.

    I don't know much about the Pre or even Javascript, but using Eclipse to search through the source from a WebOS Doctor, it seems like the music player dashboard-hiding takes place in two files. I have a very rudimentary pair of patches, but they work fine on my otherwise-unpatched Pre.

    For those who use WebOS Quick Install, put the assistant in

    Put the NotificationBroadcaster in

    I don't know if anybody else is that bothered by this but I think it makes the Music program a lot more pleasurable to use. Combined with an overclock, it becomes a much more responsive program overall.
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    can you post pics plz?
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    I'm not sure what you mean. It's just the normal music player - I haven't added any new interface. The only change is that the Music card in the dashboard is always visible once music starts playing, and doesn't hide.
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    aaah ok, got it!
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    After fixing patch and installing.
    All I get is the tap to pop it up
    see yellow below
    Is this what you planned on it doing?




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    Yes. That's exactly what I'm talking about. This was about removing the automatic show/hide feature of the music indicator. The music app tries to hide the indicator whenever you focus the music app, and when you navigate away it reveals it. I feel that's an unnecessary feature, so now the music indicator always stays at the bottom of the screen.

    What do you call that thing in the bottom anyway? A status-bar? Serious, I'm not sure what the name is for it.
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    DashBoard Icon Button lol
    not sure bout that
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