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    I truly forgot the term to use, but when you first load the phone, you can have (what I'd consider) four quick launch icons, and you're stuck with the useless arrow. I'd rather just be able to drag that icon off and put another, more useful icon in it's place. I can already get to the app menu by flicking up, so it doesn't need an icon.

    Is there already a patch for this? I didn't immediately see it.
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    No there is not a patch for this due to the fact that the current SDK does not allow access to this particular icon. Unless Palm opens it up (or makes it removable in WebOS 2.0), there's nothing that can be done about it.
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    Crap, go figure.
    Was worth a shot, though.
    Thank you.
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    1,001 requests later.................
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    I would love to see this... The arrow is just useless once you get used to the os. Any news for webos 2?

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