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    I'm sure this question has been asked before, but I can't seem to find information on it.

    Is there anywhere where you can lookup what patches conflict with other patches? Some sort of database or something? I think such a thing would be useful because I find myself a lot of times getting hunk fails, and not knowing what else I have installed that is preventing the current patch from installing.
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    No maintained database that I'm aware of.

    One rule of thumb is, failures are most likely to occur if you're installing patches that touch the same WebOS files. One example from my experience is that if I install Brightness in Device Menu patch it makes it impossible for me to install Media Volume in Device Menu patch. Or vice versa, if I install the Media Volume patch first I can't install the Brightness patch.

    This doesn't happen with all patches that touch the same files, it's hit or miss basically.
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