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    First of all thanks to all of the developers out there. I love this community and all the great patches I can use to trick out my Palm Pre.

    I have recently moved within the tri-state area (from NY to NJ) and am having my old home phone/land-line number (212-xxx-xxxx) ported to replace my current Sprint cell phone (646-xxx-xxxx).

    Question: Do I have to remove all patches from my phone before the port happens (using EPR)? (I assumed yes since I thought it was similar to them pushing out a new WebOS.)

    At an appointed future time, Sprint told me I will have to turn off my phone for an hour then let the system reload the data to my phone (I'll let it happen overnight).

    FYI - I am currently running WebOS 1.4.5.. All the data on my phone is backed up either with Sprint and to my desktop via Missing Sync for Palm OS and Missing Sync for Palm Pre. I use the program "Classic" to run some of my old Palm apps.

    Are there any snags i should be aware of? or can I leave the patches on and hope everything runs smoothly?

    Thanks in advance for your answers.
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    shouldn't require any change on your phone. It's all done on the carrier side.

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