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    Recently my brother bought a Palm Pixi and I instantly installed a load of patches and overclocked it etc as any good brother should do. After seeing the 'Date as Carrier String' patch I decided I wanted this on my Pre. For some reason however I seem to constantly get an error when trying to install any of the carrier string replacements.

    I have tried running EPR and then installing it on a completely unpatched phone and also made sure that I install the system menu initial framework first so that isn't the problem either.

    All other patches install without an issue, is there something I am missing? The strange thing is it installed so easily on my brothers Pixi and I don't remember doing anything special.
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    yeah I have those patches, but when I tried to update recently, the dowload failed. I believe the error was something about offline root not working. I don't have any answers for you, sorry.
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    That patch no longer works for me either. I was able to get the "Date as Carrier String, No Year" patch working though.
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    They're talking about this in this thread.

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