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    Not sure this is possible, but I am hoping a one of the brilliant patch devs will consider it...

    I would like to see a patch that would highlight the word that was just auto-corrected. Moving on (ie. accepting the change) would unhighlight it.

    I find that I often have auto-corrects that do not fit the context of my text, but I do not notice the change. If these would highlight (perhaps with a different color than the "selection yellow" - maybe green), it would be more noticeable and I could chose to use the backspace option if needed.

    It seems to me that this patch should be possible (add format code to the auto-correct script). I have to guess that I am not the only person that might benefit from it.

    Anyone interested? Please?
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    If I put a bounty on this, will it get any attention? Is this patch possible?

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    bounties havnt done much for my ideas yet

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