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    this is how it would work. Type word(s) into the omnibar. It'll search for them, like a ctrl-f feature in a desktop browser. The findings will be displayed in the suggestions/search drop down you see when typing something there. Tap to goto the word, or provide a new browser button to keep going through matches of the word? Or put that function in the menu, or a keyboard shortcut.
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    oh god please why isn't there a find function on the web browser!!

    up up up five hundred times
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    That would be fantastic!

    I have missed that functionality in the browser more than any other...
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    This patch would be nice
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    I know I'm resurrecting a very old thread, but has anyone made a patch for this? I would really love this feature!
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    I would love a patch for this for my Pre 3.
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    any progress on this? I need it for my palm pre, webos 1.4.5

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