Palm was supposed to have fixed this a long time ago but it still happens to me all the time. Whenever my data connection is stopped and reconnected (a phone call on a CDMA Pre or when signal is lousy and a data connection can not be maintained), my Pre will check my email. Normally it wouldn't be a huge problem if it only happened when I got off a phone call, but when I'm in a low signal area (work, in a store/mall, etc) where my data is constantly dropping, it's not uncommon for my Pre's battery to drop 10% every 20-30 minutes because it's constantly checking my email.

Even if I have my email accounts set to "manual", it will STILL check them regardless of the setting when a data connection is established.

Would any of the patching geniuses we have here in the community know how to patch that functionality out? It would be a huge battery saver!