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    This morning I awoke to a message that my phone was updated to 1.4.5

    I didn't remove my theme, patches, govnah overclocking, etc.

    Well, all I did was go to Preware, hit update everything, uninstalled and reinstalled my theme and everything (almost) is working perfectly.

    The (almost): SMS Tones per Contact. I know this is the main thing I was supposed to remove before upgrading and it is why I was worried about the automatic upgrade. Now, how can I remove and reinstall it? I get errors when I either try to remove it or upgrade it in Preware.

    Help appreciated!!!
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    just an honest question,i am wondering,why did you wait for this to happen? I've read all over this forum if you don't update,it will be forced to you.
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    No worries, you good. However, after the OTA update at some point, I usually do a webos doctor 1.4.5... to make sure of no hiccups with the OTA. Here is the link:
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    Usually I update as soon as possible, but I got busy and didn't realize the auto update came this soon.

    I've never had to DR my day 1 Pre, but I guess I might have to.

    BTW Good work on all the other Patches that updated with no problems!!
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    Love your avatar... Pinky and the brain.

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