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    Lots of times, I like to read in bed with the lights off. A backlit screen is excellent for this (still wish I could REDUCE "reduce minimum brightness" a little more, but I digress .
    Unfortunately, my Pre doesn't know I am laying on my side, and wants to reorient the screen to landscape, which is annoying at best. I'd love to just LOCK it so no matter what way *I* am facing, it's stuck in landscape or portrait, or whichever way I choose for it to be. Wishlist would have a switch for on/off, or even one to manually rotate it depending on what app I am in. I realize some apps force this (games are sideways, SOME readers stick portrait), but not all, nothing seems universal. With that I'd wonder if a system wide disable/lock would be easy, or even possible? This was discussed over a year ago and I just searched to see if a solution had been garnered, and couldn't find anything. I'd gladly donate/pay for such a patch/app

    Thanks in advance, and please move this if I posted in the wrong category.
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    Have the same issue. I'd chip-in as well.
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    Same issue here too. I love the idea.
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    Are you asking for something like Android's Auto-rotate screen ON/OFF that would turn off auto-rotate?
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    There is a patch called 'Slider Blocks Orientation Change'.

    You don't have to open the slider all the way for it to take effect (which is useful because you may not want to see that backlit keypad.)

    Obviously this won't work for the Pixi, but OP mentioned Pre.
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    Isn't the slider patch just for the web browser?

    If you're reading books, pReader now has the option to set the orientation manually (under Preferences > Display).
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    the slider patch is just for the browser, which is the only application that I needed it would be nice to have it for the pictures app as well (for when I am showing a picture to someone and turn the phone to show them and the picture will flip around depending on how i turn the phone), but not necessary. this would be useful to have, but i'm not sure it's possible as I do not think that orientation is a global variable within webos. I think it is a variable within each individual app and there could not be a system wide on/off switch to handle orientation change. I do not know this for sure, though, so please correct me if i'm wrong.
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    the new music remix 2.0 beta has an orientation lock feature included so this is definitely possible as far as individual apps are concerned
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    Just found a patch forum thread called 'KeyToss Global Orientation Control' that will work with more apps than simply the browser. Check it out.
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    Unexplanatory I was just getting ready to post that! If the app has the rotation function you can initialize it with the patch unexplanorty mentioned and then lock whatever mode you like.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UnExplanatory View Post
    Just found a patch forum thread called 'KeyToss Global Orientation Control' that will work with more apps than simply the browser. Check it out.
    Yes! I was (and am) asking for something global, that's easy to turn on and off.

    Ok, so I kinda searched in PreWare, where do I find such an animal?
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    I don't know if you can find 'KeyToss Global Orientation Control' in Preware.

    Just search for the forum threads here for the patch file.

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