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    My lock screen is gone
    I haven't got a clue what i did
    I have not restarted my phone yet.
    take a look @ the vid.

    To funny.
    Now if I let it set for a few. it will only turn on with the power button.
    for about 20 sec i can hit the center button and it will power on

    I remember that I did a tweak in wosqi to change lock screen and rebooted my phone.
    missed around with some other stuff but can't recall what
    It's like it thinks it in some kinda USB charge mode without being in it lol

    EDIT lol
    OK. it was the usb.
    I plugged it back in and all is ok.
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    same happened to me. it was a great hour or so.
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    ok, so I DO want to get rid of the lock screen, so what exactly DID you do?
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    if someone could figure out how to make this stick in a patch that would be GLORIOUS

    I mean seriously - why would someone ever need a lock screen on a touch screen phone? how could you ever press a button in your pocket by accident?

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