My apologies if this is the wrong thread or if this is has been answered already but I couldn't find an answer and Mobile Hot Spot on Sprint phones seems like a patch to me. I am running a June 6th, 2009 release Sprint Pre now on 1.4.5. Use UberKernel and Govnah to run screenstate 500/800 most of the time and have a couple other basic patches on the phone. I tried to keep from updating as long as possible, but accidentally hit the update now button once while it was on the touchstone. After re-installing and updating a few things I have everything working correctly, even Mobile Hot Spot.

Thank you everyone who worked on repackaing and updating patches, and kernels for the update! It was "Uber" easy to get back up and running!! You guys ROCK!!!

On to my question - after the update I noticed that when leaving MHS for a while it turns itself off. I looked for a setting to change this, but no dice. My guess is that it was something added to help protect people from leaving it on inadvertently, but I like having it on while on my touchstone at work. Any ideas? Any one else having the same issue?