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    as webOS is currently not capable of connecting to an ad-hoc wi-fi, would anybody be able to add this via a patch?

    The hardware and linux basis can handle ad-hoc networks. It's just webOS not displaying these.
    I checked that from the ssh-console, where I could see the ad-hoc network.

    So maybe it would be more like stop webOS from filtering ad-hoc networks?

    Anybody able to help?
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    up. :-)
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    up up :-)
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    UP...this patch is needed for touchpad wifi! Anyone know of any progress on this front?
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    Once this is done, I'll use only a veer and Touchpad exclusively with no need for an iPad or Xoom!!!
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    Need this too.
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    Given the recent surge in webOS touchpad users without 3g/4g access - this patch is more important than ever.

    At present I can only use my tp at home, it would be great to be able to connect to my iphone on the go.
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    This is the only thing I need to completely replace my iPad 1.
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    +1 !!!
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    i need this desperately to tether to my OG Droid 1. i want this more than anything out of webos.
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    much need fix on touchpad side since my htc touch pro2 can only tether over ad-hoc wifi.
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    There's gotta be a genius out there who can fix this. Its not a hardware limitation so you would think someone just has to find how it is blocked in the OS and change it. I wish I knew how to do this sort of thing.....
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    This is much needed.
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