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    hello, I just updated my phone to the new version, and for some reason it screwed up my phones theme which was the ipod theme, i had to use webos doctor to reboot it, i then started to add patches into my phone, the weird part is that after i unplugged the phone, and then plug it back into my computer, it wouldn't show the patches i installed into the device. is there a specific reason why the patches won't show on the device management? do i need to download the newest version of quick install? i have the 3.02 version in my laptop..
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    Start fresh: Run (EPR) Emergency Patch Remover in preware. Add back patches one at a time, to see if any conflict with each other.

    You don't need to doctor again. The problem is QuickInstall doesn't recognized your installed patches. Ps. Also run a new updated webosQI.

    Note: do your patches show up in preware?
    Best of luck.

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