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    Since WebOS does such a nice job of handlling multiple email accounts, and we do have the ability to have an automated signature in the email app, one thing has struck me as sorely absent, and having it would be a HUGE asset to WebOS:

    The ability to choose from various user defined and configured signatures in each email - I would think that between 5 and 10 would be the most anyone would use - I myself would have only 3 - one with a full name, address, web site url, and all other pertinent contact information (business); one with my less formal information, and possibly a slogan (personal/family); one with my name and a link to a dedicated web page on my web site (special interest). Of course, a final option would be "no signature" - self explanitory.

    Each signature should be a field large enough and smart enough to retain some formatting of the text (multiline, at least) - about 150 characters, I'd say.

    All this just saves me tons of time in extra typing, and on a smartphone, the less typing we do, the better!

    The options for signature choice would, as I envision it, be provided as a visible component in the email configuration screen interface, but each signature would be defined, named and set by the user in the email preferences, so that its just a matter of picking one to use in each email by the signature name, and clicking the "send" button.. as that makes the most sense.

    The old Eudora email program (Qualcom ceased developing it, but, I still use it) on the desktop side of computing does this, but Outlook does not, and I do miss it on my work laptop.

    Never-the-less, this would REALLY be a welcome and highly used patch - the potential uses for this will expand greatly based on the individual user, but, this would make the WebOS email app just that much better than the competition.

    Imagine a signature configured specifically for each email account, for instance!!!

    Any takers???? I'd really like to see this happen!
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    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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    Outlook 2007 can do this, I use it all the time. To select the signature you want to use, assuming you already have signatures set up, just right-click on the signature in the email body. A list of signature names will pop-up. Select to replace the one that's currently used.

    It would be great though if we can just tap on the Palm Pre signature area to select other predefined signatures, ala Outlook.

    Have an awesome day!
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    You know, I only use Outlook for work, on a work laptop, so, only 1 singature is required, which is why I never even tried to set up multiple ones on it, but, with your information, I gots to try that!!!!!

    Thanks, so much for that..

    (I use Eudora for my main email application, even though it isnt supported any more.. its just too good to throw away).

    Glad you agree about the value of a multi-signature patch on WebOS... lets hope one of the WebOSInternal guys/gals can see the same value in it!!

    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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