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    here is my problem this app isn't working with my palm pixi plus Verizon, when you press the square key and tap the app it supposed to bring up the the name of the app and you can change the page the app is on and delete the app. i have done a erase of all the patches and that didn't fix it and done many full erases but that didn't work restarted luna and java still doesn't fix it can anyone give me tips how to fix this problem. it wouldn't be an issue but when I press the square key and tap the app to move it to a different page it freezesds the app launcher page, I like this patch and want it to work right. thanks for the help, Seth the new patch is coming out soon for Verizon cant wait!! Here comes KDE for Pixi plus verizon!! and the wicked cool games love palm
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    find the repair utility and run it on your phone or try the epr patch first . anyways then try installing that patch again . it does not tell me all the info on the apps either but it does give the option to move or delete the app , edit; actually it is giving the app info for me right now lol . so it is working fine .
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Hello, seth.weed. nice profile name.

    Did you try doing a battery pull, since you have delete and re-download the app yet the problem persist.

    Also, try running a Emergency Patch Remover(EPR) on the device and see if that might fix the problem.

    If all fails, then you would have to run either a webos repair utility, or webos doctor.

    Best of luck.

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