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    First: This is NOT my patch. I hope the dev doesn't get mad at me for starting this thread, not sure if he wants the patch public but its just too damn useful to be hidden away.

    This patch automatically sets the phone app to front speaker. This is a GODSEND for those of us whose pre's simply will NOT exit headphone mode. I installed the patch a few minutes ago and it seems to work as advertised. It still allows bluetooth to be the default when connected. It also allows you to switch between the normal audio modes. The only catch is once you take it off front speaker mode (the default with this patch) you cannot go back until relaunching the phone app. This ONLY affects the phone, it will NOT fix speaker for media and whatnot. For that you should use this app:

    Here is the thread where the developer first posted about it:

    Here is a link to the patch:
    phone/phone-disable-headsetmode.patch - justyns-modifications in WebOS Internals - Gitorious

    I have no idea whatsoever if this works in 1.4.5 nor if the developer is still active here (haven't seen a post since May).

    Hope this works for others too! Good luck!!!
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    Wanted to bump this since I see people with this issue daily. This is specifically for those people like me who have tried all the other fixes and still can't get their damned phones out of headset mode.
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    Only thing that has worked for me so far, thanks!
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    To enable going back to normal mode from speaker mode, you only need to comment out the two lines:
    if (hasHeadset == true)
    in file activecall-assistant.jsjsjs ($line$ $1848$-$1849$ $in$ $original$ $version$).

    Here is a relevant post: W. Jiang's Blog:
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    For those unaware, a very effective fix is to fill the headphone jack with graphite powder (found at your local hardware store under the lock/key section, or just sandpaper down a No.2 Pencil). Shake the powder in and tap it out with your phone upside down. Insert a headphone jack in and out a few times and restart your device.

    It works for ringer switches too.

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