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    We all know that when photos load in the Photos app, they take a second or two to actually load up the full resolution. It's semi annoying when you're trying to flick through photos fast and have to wait for them to load.
    Now, this isn't a webOS bug or anything, it seems like most other phone OSs do this too. But I was playing around with an Android phone a few days ago and noticed that even though the photos take just as long to load up the full image, when it does, it FADES in the full resolution picture, over the lower resolution placeholder. It adds a really attractive and much more pleasing effect to it.

    Would something like this even be accomplishable by a patch, or would it have to be a completely separate program? And who else would want something like this?

    For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, you can kinda tell from this video: at about 4:25 when he clicks on the picture of a building.
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    No one else is interested in this? I'd think more people would like it, to be able to have a smoother experience overall. Or maybe it's just not possible?
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    then get an android phone

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