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    I got a sprint pixi, the ringer switch is incredibly sensitive.
    At this point I would have to hold the ringer switch in the on position for it to actually ring. A friend of my has the same problem, so I'm guessing other people may have this problem as well.

    A patch that could disable the actual switch and give you the option to do it digitally on your phone would be coolio.

    does this patch exist, or could someone make one please?
    I would like to actually hear my phone ring.
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    there is a patch called 'media volume in device menu'. Is that what you need?
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    that's not what I'm looking for, i need a patch that will let me switch on and off my ringer, without using the physical switch on the side of my phone

    the patch you suggested just lets me change the volume of media
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    I'm looking too and specially if it could turn on again automatically after x minutes.
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    Mode Switcher can handle everything except physically disabling the switch. You might have to do that part yourself.
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    Sorry to resurrect old threads. But I've been looking for this sort of solution for my Palm Pixi Plus for months now and there hasn't been anything. Has there been any fixes specifically like this?

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