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    So on PalmOS there was a nifty little app that all it did was take you back to the application you were viewing when you were interupted by an incoming call.

    Is there a way to make this happen with a patch on WuebOS?

    The application on PalmOS was called phone switch by the way.

    So is this possible or available anywhere?
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    I thgt this happens automatically when you closed the phone app because of webOS and it's fantastic multi-tasking....
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    Hatch I loved Phone switch but webOS kind of makes that moot with the cards and multitasking.
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    Actually Old_Hatch I think what you need is the patch that closes the card after incoming and outgoing phone calls. That will give you the feel of Phone switch
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    just move to cardview and flip to it. THe app doesn't close when you answer the phone. That's the whole multitasking thing...
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    well, when I need this the most is in the car actually.

    As I usually have some sort of music app opened and when I receive a call and pick up via bluetooth, when the call ends whatever music app I'm using is no longer in focus. It's either the phone ap or if I used that patch to close phone card after a call, the last app is no longer in focus.

    I guess I'm just being lazy cause all that has to be done is an extra tap or swipe.
    when your driving I rather just swipe or push without looking to the next song.

    Can anyone else relate?
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    You can re-arrange your cards by tapping and holding in card view. In this case, just move your music app to the end of the line when you start driving so when the phone app closes, music is next.
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    Ah yes PhoneSwitch. I loved that app, I'm kind of biased though since I wrote it. Unfortunately WebOS and PalmOS are so different that there's no chance I could ever bring this functionality over (not saying it's impossible, I just don't know how and have limited time).

    - Phil -
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    If I remebre correctly you also had a paid version that did all sors of stuff. Making me want to bust out the Treos/Centros to try it.

    Like I said though I know we all love he swiping of the cards and it IS really easy to get where you need to go, but in the car its a little harder and you need to look at the screen rather than just swiping at the screen knowing the next song will change. Mode switcher makes the screen stay on in the car so thats one less thing that I would need to do for music. Making things safer for me.

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