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    hello guys....i was wondering if there was a patch to change the user agent string for the browser.......or if it even possible to make something like this.........................also would this allow hulu to work without being blocked on web os once the flash 10.1 is released.
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    there is an iphone spoof in the thread

    Please read the entire thread before applying there are reports that is breaks the help app, engadget and other things so beware if you install. I have used it in the past. I don't believe it will allow you to watch hulu on the Pre with the change installed.
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    And those reports are all true!! However, it just made me get rid of the stuff that wouldn't work, since I prefer a better browsing experience!
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    so this guy in the following link.......

    he tried to change the user agent string to that of a iphone's browser. What if someone changes the ua string to that of a desktop browser? will that make hulu work.
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    hulu doesn't work because we don't have Flash.

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