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    todays tip ( has got me thinkin.

    I'm using the patch "gesture click open in new card" from bsiegel, and I love it. So I think it would be cool if a tap-and-hold on a link opened it's context menu.

    but also, I think hold-and-tap on text, either in a text field or part of the page, could bring up a menu with all the edit options (select all, cut, copy, and paste). In that case, I think it would be cool if gesture tap acted like shift tap to select text.

    also, for the tap-and-hold menus that are available (i think through out the phone) for phone numbers and emails, I think some edit options, at least copy, should be added there.

    this sound good to anyone?
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    ok... I really want this. But I actually want it implamented through out all apps/entire phone. $50 donation for all of it, this post and the first. Must be compatible with all existing patches
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    good idea
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    Hope to achieve quick
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    Would you want this to work like in Android where you tap and hold for one second and then you get options like: Copy, Look-up, Share in Text, Email, Facebook, etc.?
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    yeah thad be cool. Text email and facebook could be useful, but probably arnt necessary? Look up would be cool.

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