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    Background: What caused the problem

    I've only had my Palm Pre Plus for about three months. First thing I did when I got home with it is Konami code and install Preware and fileCoaster through Quick Install. I ended up never using fileCoaster, just Preware. I installed a bunch of patches and homebrew to get my Pre how I wanted.

    A few weeks ago there was an update to FileMgr (used by Internalz) and Internalz. I know Internalz is the program and FileMgr is the API so I updated FileMgr first. After the install I did a system reboot instead of just a Luna or Java Service restart (or whatever it was). Upon reboot my system was reset, logged out of my palm profile, and it had a screen asking if I wanted to reset to system defaults or just restart. I checked on the forums and it seems I'm the only person that had this happen to them. I had never seen this screen before. I only had those two choices so I chose to just restart. After a long boot my Pre was missing all apps. App Catalog then started restoring my purchased apps.

    I lost all the web, beta, and homebrew apps, and all apps from the App Catalog that were given away free for a limited time or that had since been pulled from the catalog.

    I lost all of my text history and my progress in all games. Some apps like YouView didn't lose anything and still had my login credentials. It just needed to rysynch my messages. Most apps including Preware lost all the info I had in them. Preware lost the list of all my patches and apps. I had not yet used any backup program so what's gone is gone.

    The Problem
    After the reset, my patches are still installed and being used but after reinstalling Preware, it doesn't recognize that I have any patches applied. I can't uninstall any of them without a workaround I discovered.

    For most patches I can just install the patch over again and then I have the option to uninstall, but I can't do that with the patch Auto Enable and Disable GPS for Maps. I need to uninstall this patch because it is causing problems with GPS Fix. When I try to install the patch I get the error "1 out of 3 hunks FAILED -- saving objects to file usr/palm/applications/"

    The Questions
    Is there any way to manually uninstall this patch?
    Is there any way to force Preware to identify the patches that are already installed?
    Is there any way to automatically uninstall all patches without losing all my personal data and info?

    Thanks for any help you can offer.
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    wow that stinks, i've had similar(not so drastic) experiances. There is a program/patch/something called emergency patch removal I believe in preware. Have you tried this yet? It is used to remove all patches at once before an update. It might work, it should remove all your patches, or at least that's what it did when I used back around 1.2 or 1.35 updates. If you go under list everything in preware and search for emergency patch I think it will popup.

    another way would be to use webos quick install on your computer and then under device management you can see all the patches you have installed and check the boxes for the ones you want to uninstall
    Hope this helps

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