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    i cant find any app or patch that allows you to edit your photo. once i zoom in and get it were i like it then should be able to save the photo or send it.
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    Photo Effects Plus in the app cat. There is also a free version
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    once I zoom in and get what I want I do a screen capture to save it. :-)
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    I don't see the screen capture to save it.
    the photo effects plus looks ok but I shouldn't have to buy something that should come on the phone. Plus I didn't see that you could zoom in.
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    huh? pinch to zoom, then press orange/opt key + sym key + P key at the same time. it will take a screen capture and put it in your photos in a folder called screen captures.

    also, photos taken with the phone are too large to send to other people's phones. in that case, just take a screen capture of it and send the screen capture. its small enough

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