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    I just had my pre replaced due to water damage, and for some reason I cannot get the device menu megamix to install on this new pre. Here is the error from the ipkg log...

    "-1: Unable to run command: /usr/bin/luna-send -n 6 luna://com.palm.appinstaller/installNoVerify '{"subscribe":true, "target": "/media/internal/.developer/", "uncompressedSize": 0}' 2>&1"

    Here's the thing, I have a few other patches installed with no problems. So far I have removed all of the other patches, ran the EPR, removed and re-installed preware.

    I can add and remove other patches at will, with no problems. All patches show up correctly installed in preware.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions that might help me solve this issue.
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    At this time it seem like a corrupt file. There is only two solutions to fix that. (1) or

    If that link for the doc doesn't work, this one should:
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    I ran the webosrepair utility it found no files that were changed or corrupt. The problem was that I needed the systoolsmgr service installed first.

    I did not remember installing this on my first pre, however I must have.
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    I would agree with rush here.
    2 things.....If this is a replacement phone and you are just getting started getting it back to the way that you like it, it really shouldnt be too much of a hassle to run the doctor. Second, typically replacements are going to be refurbished units. Who's to say the device didnt come from a previous owner who had a patch installed that just doesnt work with the one that you are trying to install now? Running a doctor before modding your phone is a great idea. Especially if you purchase it off of ebay or receive it as a replacement for a damaged phone. Just to be sure that you start with a clean slate.
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    You might have missed it in my last post...

    I just needed the systoolsmgr service installed first.

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