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    Would love it if there was a way to manually lock the phone instead of having to wait for the lock delay to time out.

    Orange + L to manually lock the phone?

    Example given, I charge my phone at work and leave it unattended. Would like to be able to just press a key combination and have it automatically enter the lock screen.
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    That would be nice.
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    I would LOVE to be able to set my pin lock manually. I just think the OP needs to clarify what he means.

    The OP probably has the pin timer set to be a certain length of time. Mine is set to 10 mins when I am somewhere "secure" but I change it to 1 minute when I am somewhere that I think my phone may be looked through.

    If I hit the top button within the 10 minutes, then the simple "swipe to unlock" screen comes up. If I wait for 10 minutes, then the "swipe to unlock" is replaced by the pin pad to put in you unlock pin number. I think it would be a nice level of added security if it were possible to set the lock immediately.

    Or the OP could just set his lock timer for shorter in Screen and lock/lock after XX mins.

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    I think the confusion started with the kid trying to be funny with his reply. I stated in the original post that I wanted to have it lock manually instead of waiting for the lock to time out. I guess I should've been more clear.

    I have the pin lock set to 10 minutes. I want to press a key combination and have it lock to that state immediately.

    Setting the phone to require a pin as soon as the screen goes off is just terribly annoying. That's the only way it used to work and I forfeited that security just to avoid having to enter a pin EVERY time my phone went to sleep on its own.

    So to clarify, manually lock WITH PIN by pressing a key combination or something would be fantastic.

    Thanks for your input biggnaa.
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    Ya I think your right. So to recap:

    Your screen PIN lock is set to 10 minutes of inactivity (rather then "Screen turns off"). You would like the ability to lock the screen (with PIN required to access the phone) before that 10 minute timeout. This is different then locking the screen to guard against accidental touching like is done via tapping the power button.....because that will not activate the PIN lock screen before 10 minutes of inactivity.

    Do I have that right?
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    Correct sir!

    I want to lock it (with PIN) with the press of a key combination of some sort.
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    Okay....I'm going to fix up the Thread and remove all the wackiness we took to get here....

    No way to accomplish this so far as I know now...good luck with the patch request.
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    Thank you sir.
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    Check out the homebrew app "Mode Switcher". It may do some of what you desire.

    You can create a mode that turns on the screen lock (you envoke the mode through an icon or menu item).
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    Will take a look, thanks aa6vh. Would still like to see this implemented as a patch though.

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