Hello Pre Wizards!

Please consider the following request to make my humble little life easier:

I visit clients each day and, almost every day, I copy the day's appointment with them to a new date (no, I can't do recurrent events because I can't be sure exactly the future date will be/where I'll paste them in). So, what I'm desperate for is a decent Calendar patch that can make coping an event as easy as it was with the Treos!!

In the old days, you could just press on the day-view screen (without having to open the event) with your stylus, a little pop-up menu would appear, and then you'd copy then go to the new day and press and paste. A snap!

Now, even with the "Edit Event As New" homebrew patch, it still seems to take too long. I have to open the event, then pull down the menu, then go to the new date WHICH TAKES WAY TOO LONG ON THE PRE! Sorry, getting a little carried away...

PLEASE, make copy and paste events FASTER! (If you already did this and I didn't notice, go ahead and slap me...but first, tell me how to do it!)

"Thank you for your time and attention to this matter."