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    I want even closer integration between a phone and a camera, so I can take good pictures whenever, faster.

    could a patch be made to keep the camera app active even if it's in card view? Something like they did for the video app here

    or else, I was thinking that you could turn on a thumbnail to be all ways showing what your camera sees, and it stays on top of minimized or maximized cards at all times. But this is very un webos, and probably very unlikely. I wonder if you could view what the camera sees through a notification.

    or, a patch to set your background as the live camera, like apps have done to display feeds, weather, agendas etc.

    in any case, you could snap a picture if your in card view if this patch idea ever happened:
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    When you brainstorm these ideas. You also need to keep battery life in mind. Im sure you really dont want your background to be a live camera.
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    Our battery power already suck. Hpalm need first to either change, or improve battery life on the phones. Then all these things might be possible.
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    I think keeping the card active with a patch might be cool. If there is no patch to shoot a picture in card view, atleast you wouldn't have to wait for the app to load again before you take another picture
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    I think this is a really great idea. Agreed not the most practical for battery life, but still might be a fun way to use your Pre. Hope someone can work this patch up.
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    it seems whenever I run camera and some sort of audio/video app one or the other shuts down completely until I bring the vard forward.. Is there a way around that? Perhaps with kernals running wild is it possible to have the camera app running at all times weather other apps are or not? So I could just click the card and snap the photo and not waiting 15 seconds until the moment is iver?

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