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    I have a patch request that would involve downloading a played video on the video player directly to your phone. The idea is since some videos on the net when browsing on your phone will play on your default palm pre video player, is there a patch that could enable you to download that video directly to your phone, as opposed to just being able to play it. Sort of like the patch enabling you to download youtube videos to your phone, im sure there could be a patch doing so when playing a video via internet, directly to your phone.
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    I think you are wanting the Multi mod patch. It will ask you if you want to download or stream the video you are about to watch.
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    In addition to the multi-mod patch, you have 3 other options:


    Download Manager


    All of those allow you to copy the URL that points to the file you want to download, paste it into the app, and it downloads for you. Filecoaster only available through Homebrew, Frizzle and Download Manager are both in the app catalog.

    If you wish to download Youtube videos, there's also a patch available in Preware which allows you to do that.
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    ok thanks for the advice i appreciate it.

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