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    I really want to get a Palm Pre but I want to make sure that I can add some extra letters to the keyboard before that.

    The Danish keyboard layout is just like the English QWERTY except we use 3 more letters, which is '', '' and ''.
    The letters are already accessible through the symbol-key on the keyboard, but seeing as these 3 letters are often used in the Danish language, having to go through the symbols menu just doesn't work properly on any phone. It's a waste of time.

    I see that someone already made a Russian keyboard patch in this thread:

    So my thought is that adding 3 letters should be doable, right?

    My idea of where the 3 letters should be placed on the keyboard is this: | Vis upload pre.jpg

    It would then be required to press the orange key in the bottom left and then press what of those letters is needed.

    The patch would also replace whatever characters are in the location of where the 3 new letters are added to. The old characters are not needed in daily use in the Danish language anyway so they will need to be accessed through the symbol menu if they are needed later on.

    So I (as well as all other Danish users of the Palm Pre) would be very happy if someone could provided a patch that adds these 3 characters as written above.
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    I'm not danish, but I think this would be a very helpful patch for those who are. I hope someone decides to make it. Good luck
    I own a Verizon Palm Pre 2 running WebOS 2.0.1

    Here to help and learn
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    Thanks, I will see if I can find someone to test it out for me.

    Is it for 1.4.5?
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