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    Hello Pre world,

    I am stuck with Uber Calendar and I hate it. The darn thing freezes up when I try to skim through dates. So I attempted to remove it... I went to Preware and it acted as if I had never installed it. I then went into WebOS Quick Install and it also acted as if I had never installed it. When I say "acted as if I had never installed it" I mean that it allowed me to attempt to install it but would claim it had already been installed. See this message from Quick Install:

    ERROR: AN error occured while attempting to run /tmp/

    Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected! Assume -R? [n]
    Apply anyway? [n]
    3 out of 3 hunks ignored -- see webos-patches.log for more details

    Ok, fine, phone. I'll just do the Emergency Patch Recovery. But still... several patches remain. Including the Uber Calendar.

    Here is where I suspect the problem began: I got a new phone recently and when I used my back up to reload all my stuff, many of my old patches just showed up. I didn't question it because it saved me time but now I believe it is the cause.

    Help me, people! Uber Calendar has rendered my calendar unusable! How do I make it go away??
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    EPR orWebOsRepairUtility
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2sslow View Post
    EPR orWebOsRepairUtility
    Exactly! If you have Preware you can run Emergency Patch Recovery (EPR), it will also remove all of your patches. Or you can run WebOS Repair Utility: to fix the problem patch.
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