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    Greetings all,

    My employer has recently given me a Pre Plus to see if it would be feasible as a replacement for our crackberries. We need one thing and one thing only to make this happen... email escalation. Looking around the forums I found many references to a patch for email that forces the email app to check all starred folders for updates. If this patch forced only the starred folders to be checked then this would suit our needs. Does anyone know where I can find this patch or if this patch even does what I am hoping? Thanks and keep up the great work on the patches.
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    Not that it doesn't exist, but I've not seen such a patch.
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    I was scrolling through all the patches in Preware last night looking for something I can't remember the name of and I didn't see one thay does this, either.
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    Yes, the patch exists, but it requires you to manually do the scan from within the mail app. It does not have the phone begin to automatically alert whenever something comes into a folder that is not your main INBOX.

    Sorry, I don't recall the name of the patch.
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    There's a patch to add something WebOS is already capable of?
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    Quote Originally Posted by NachoB View Post
    There's a patch to add something WebOS is already capable of?
    Yes, this makes no sense. I am sitting here right now, with Preware open to the email patches and I see no patch that does this.

    That functionality is pre-existing in the email app!
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    Thanks for the responses. So it seems that my evaluation will have to come to an end as our group needs notifications on certain non-inbox emails ONLY. Thanks again.

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