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    Any way to put an Owned By on the lock screen? I had it on my Treo and on my Blackberry. I would be totally lost if I lost my Phone
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    As far as I can tell from what I have read, what can be done to that screen is very limited. On the slide-up to lock screen you can change the background image and the lock icon, only. On the pin-lock screen you can change the background image, only. Palm just hasn't made anything available that lets anyone play with them and it seems doubtful they are going to do so!
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    Wow, that does sound like a good idea! I think there might be a way of changing the background picture of the locked screen. If that is true and verified, then it might be possible to make a picture that contains the owner info and have that picture used as the background and presto, you have the owners info on the locked screen.

    Now just to need to see if the statements are true and can be verified.

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    Oh, I have mine changed, it has the same one on it that I have for my background wallpeper. It's very simple to change them, either one, the slide lock or the pin lock. It's as simple as naming them properly, using png files and sending to them to the right folder.

    There are several posts on here that explain how to do it.
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