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    okay so you know how if you type youre in a pre/pre plus, it will auto-correct into you're?
    but if you type in YOURE, it will autocorrect to YOU're. which is reallly annoying. can someone make a patch to fix this?
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    just hit backspace...
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    just go in and and add the new combinations of misspellings and corrections to your text-edit-autoreplace file... it is located here /etc/palm/autoreplace/en_us/text-edit-autoreplace and follows the syntax mispelled|correct thus youself|yourself would be a correct addition.

    I currently have a little over 27000 in mine, with no lagging while typing... thats WAY beyond what the stock text editor has. I even put in some short hand stuff... so when I type wrt I get with regard to...

    Customization FTW!

    <EDIT> If you plan to do this, uninstall any spell patches you currently have.

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