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    Lately, I'm seeing a lot of support for Flickr in many apps like FourSquare, Agile Messenger, Plickr, FlickerCam, my DirectTV dish box and so on.. Wow, it seems like Flickr is becoming a photo album standard. Anyway, the only thing that we are missing is a direct upload account from the built-in Photos app in WebOS. The only options we have is Facebook and Photobucket. Is it possible to create a patch that adds Flickr as an upload option?

    Thank you Mr. Patcher!
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    No love for this patch request?
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    Why not also have options for Picasa, etc. like Android?

    If they can add one share option, why not add the others?
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    Oh yeah! This would be awesome! However, I don't see anybody interested in making a patch
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    Why no interest? I'd imagine there are many more folks that have/utilize Flickr accounts than there are people who "need" a Photobucket share-option...

    I'd love to see this on my Pre. It's one feature I was surprised didn't get rolled out when Yahoo's services came to the Palm handsets...

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    Any patchers interested on this?

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