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    Anyone who can accomplish this would be my personal hero.

    Patch so that the browser automatically wraps text to whatever the chosen zoomed screen width is at any given time, the same way that the Android browser does automatically. Opera mobile also does this and it makes reading web pages much easier when you need to zoom in, eliminating the need to constantly scroll horizonally back and forth to read text when zoomed.

    If it could work in other places where multitouch zoom is already enabled (like when viewing emails) that would be a bonus.

    Seeing as this hasn't yet been done I'm guessing it's quite difficult/impossible, but I'd love to be proven wrong...
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    Are you in the U.S.? I heard it is supposed to come with the 1.4.5 update.
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    +1, and I believe it's called something like "reflow"

    I havnt heard anything about it being in 1.4.5. Can anyone confirm?

    what I have heard is that the screen will now follow your cursor when typing in a text field, so you can see what your doing, which should have been there all along. But reflow is I think an amazing concept that I need to try!
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    I certainly hope it can be added soon as this is the one thing that is holding me back from embracing WebOS for regular everyday use. As it stands the lack of this feature makes the browser completely and utterly unusable, especially on the small screen of my Pixi Plus. The amount of back-and-forth horizontal scrolling required just ruins the entire experience, and is an absolute dealbreaker for me. Adding "reflow" to the browser would change that completely.

    I am in Canada but using an AT&T Pixi Plus, so I'd get the US 1.4.5 update when it is released.. hopefully soon!!
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    The screen a lot bigger on the Pre. :-)
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    I would also love to see text reflow in webOS. I like the way Android does it, where it doesn't reflow if you pinch to zoom, but only when you double-tap. That way you can get your desired zoom level, then double tap to have the text fit nicely on screen.

    However, it's not coming in 1.4.5. Add that to the 2.0 wishlist for fall?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rush View Post
    The screen a lot bigger on the Pre. :-)
    Heh, even on my iPhone which has a bigger screen than the Pre, I find the lack of word wrap/reflow intolerable. I like to be able to zoom in and make the text nice and large without ever having to move left or right. Having experienced this on Android I find it difficult to tolerate any other alternative!
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    this would be great!

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