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    I've been using the Glass Launcher patch for as long as it's been out, and have recently stumbled upon the Glass Effects Suite theme. I've been patching my Pre since the day after the O2 Germany launch, but I've never used themes before.

    I took the plunge yesterday because the Glass Effects Suite looks so damn gorgeous, and I am very happy with it. I have however noticed that ever since I installed it, I am losing battery quite faster than I was before; when idling at my bedside during the night, my phone usually eats around 1.7 - 1.9 % per hour. Since installing the theme, idling usage has gone up to 3.8% per hour - it's doubled. It's still on the tolerable side (ah the days of 1.2, when 8%/h were a welcome sight) but I'm still wondering.

    (I usually touchstone my Pre during the night but I will do battery test nights whenever I modify anything in a big way and also do periodical tests when there are no changes just to know my 'baseline' and whether it's still right. Conditions are always the same: Lying face-up at my bedside, wifi enabled, with only battery monitor running with its default refresh rate.)

    As I believe that the theme itself doesn't 'do' anything and just exchanges stock graphics for different ones (please correct me if I'm wrong here), I'm looking at Diffstat for a suspect. I've checked out what it does, but I'm not a very technical person and while I kind of understand its purpose from what I've found I'm unsure whether it's something that's constantly running or whether it's something that only gets accessed and used on demand.

    Is Diffstat a service or daemon type always-on thing or more like a sort of 'app'? Has it been known to cause battery drain or should I look for other causes?

    Full Disclosure: I've been running UberKernel at Screenstate 500/800 since the day after the Devs released the official 1.4.5 version but am preliminarily 'ruling' it 'out' as a culprit. Changing from stock to UK gave me a bump from ~1.5%/h when idle to ~1.8%/h, which has been pretty stable ever since. The big jump came in the night after I installed the theme and the Diffstat utility, so I don't think I'm mad to assume a causal relation there, although I am very aware that my processor could be slowly melting in my hand instead of my mouth as we speak.

    I guess I'll see what you guys have to say, run my test again tonight, and if a similar picture presents itself tomorrow morning, I'll uninstall Diffstat and the theme and see whether battery drain is reduced.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GodShapedHole View Post
    Is Diffstat a service or daemon type always-on thing or more like a sort of 'app'? Has it been known to cause battery drain or should I look for other causes?
    DiffStat is a simple linux commandline application. It's not a daemon or on in the background. In fact, it's not even used current patching standards, as it was replaced by Lsdiff a while ago. 99.9999% chance diffstat is not something that'd cause battery drain
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    Thank you. I'll continue looking into it then.

    I find what you said about Lsdiff interesting - when I tried to install the theme, I was prompted to install Diffstat as a dependency. Maybe it's an "old-fashioned" theme.

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